Breakfast in St. Petersburg

Start your morning in a tropical forest with a farm breakfast in an atmosphere of pleasant bliss and enjoyment. Tender porridges, omelets, pancakes and cheesecakes are cooked with fresh local products and are served daily from 8 am.


Jungle Restaurant

Feel at one with nature in a greenhouse hall, where you can find a collection of tropical plants. Among the ferns, lianas and agaves, guests are offered an Asian cuisine menu in the author’s performance and a carefully selected wine list.



Behind the emerald door you find an atmospheric Tbilisi house with a kitchen-living room and a chandelier from the flea market, followed by a hall in the place of a historic courtyard with cobblestones of the early 20th century. Moving up to the upper floor you enter a small veranda with a view to the typical St. Petersburg courtyard with the mural by Pokras Lampas and a large table for celebrations.

The menu features classic Georgian recipes in a lighter, fresher and more contemporary vein, reflecting the spirit of modern gastronomic culture. The bar offers a small but vibrant selection of wines from established wineries to family-owned and internationally renowned houses. We recommend the Gaumarjos aperitif to start with – mature red dry wine with a shot of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice — the finest aperitif you can only taste in St. Petersburg.

Guests of WYNWOOD Hotel will be offered a pleasant gift – 15% discount.