SUITE— an urban space of beauty, where, in the conditions of the modern rhythm of life, you can “take a breath”, take care of yourself or run for a gift.

A small market collects favorite brands of cosmetics and accessories – Davines, Genosys, Fiona Franchimon, Patissoncha, Alvaar, Lera Treyger, Hedonism girls, ETC.

Among the services are all the basic ones, from nail file manicure to massage, there is an express styling and make-up lessons for yourself. SUITE uses safe cosmetics in its work: Davines, GUAM, Bandi, Didier.

If you came to visit St. Petersburg and categorically do not want to leave without a gift, #suite_market will easily solve this problem. You can buy a certificate or subscription by calling
+7 969 711 98 98, and get to know the brands a little closer or sign up for services through the website See you soon!